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We are in the process of building tools to help educators, publishers, students and homeschool teachers make their own interactive practice exercises. Choose a lesson from our growing library, contact us about creating your own or take a look at our unique progress and tracking features
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Draggable.com is creating a cloud computing Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that will make it easy for instructors to upload images, enter correct answers and options, and evaluate and monitor student performance. Our mission is to enhance the student learning experience by providing educators with easy to use tools for creating interactive instruction.
We are also passionate about adding to our own library of ‘Draggables’, as we call them, and are planning additional features for the Draggable.com platform.
Please view our early stage educational library and sign up for updates so we can keep you informed of new features and interactive learning content.

We can be reached by mail

STJ Ventures / 1111 E. 54th Street, Suite 114 / Indianapolis, IN 46220.

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